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​​Voltage optimisation is an energy saving measure involving the regulation of the incoming power supply and reducing the voltage delivered to onsite electrical equipment.


How can Voltage Optimisation benefit my business?

Voltage optimisation is a great way to reduce consumption without reducing production within the business, meaning you become more energy efficient and save money by using less energy.

Having Voltage Optimisers installed allows your machinery to run at the exact same levels of production without over voltage and reduces wastage energy.

This also increases the lifespan of your machinery by avoiding surges and protecting key components.

For instance, a simple study shows that a 230v lamp running at 240v will only achieve 55% of its expected lifespan. Imagine this on a much larger scale ?

Key benefits include;
  • Reduce Consumption

  • Increase Lifespan of Machinery

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

  • Save Money​

How can First Choice Utilities help my business with Voltage Optimisation?

First Choice Utilities work closely with your business to recommend and explore the best options for energy reduction.

We can arrange the funding for your measures to be installed, maintained and insured to a high standard.

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