Battery Storage is a great way for businesses to save money by changing the way in which they draw energy from the grid.​


A battery storage facility allows users to come off the grid during peak times (Red hours).


By charging up and storing energy during off peak times, (Amber and Green hours), the batteries can store energy ready to be used during more costly periods.


How can Battery Storage benefit my business?

By installing a battery storage facility, you can have peace of mind knowing your business can use energy during peak times without ending up with an unexpectedly higher bill.

Businesses using battery storage have more control over how and when they draw energy from the grid.

Battery storage allows users to draw energy from the grid during their off peak hours, meaning they are charged at a reduced rate.

How can First Choice Utilities help my business with Battery Storage?

01 | Send copy of your bill / invoice with your data usage if you have it

Step 2 – Our energy professionals will analyse your information

Step 3 – Receive a report detailing proposed savings including battery storage

First Choice Utilities work closely with your business to recommend and explore the best options for renewable energy.

We can arrange the funding for your measures to be installed, maintained and insured to a high standard.

All of our customers receive a dedicated account manager providing them with comprehensive 5 star customer care as standard.  

Why choose Battery Storage?
  • Reduced Red zone charging

  • Reduction in electricity cost

  • Additional security of supply during power outage