What is Biomass ?

Biomass is a natural and organic fuel source used to produce energy, usually in the form of a pellet which is burned to produce heat.


Plant based matter is collected and compressed after being  filtered and stripped of contaminants, ready for use as a renewable and clean alternative fuel source to brown energy generated by none renewable sources such as coal or oil.


How can Biomass benefit my business ?

Biomass can not only provide you with savings on your energy, but can help you become more sustainable and receive certain accreditation's and/or relief due to cutting your carbon emissions.


Additional benefits include;


  • Extra security of supply

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • Renewable energy source

  • Cleaner emissions

  • Benefit from renewable heat incentive

  • Low maintenance (up to 20 years maintenance free)

  • Recycle waste products for energy source

  • Typical savings of 20% on heat bills

How can First Choice Utilities help me with Biomass?

First Choice Utilities can organise different finance or purchasing packages for the installation, management and insurance of a biomass energy source system.


We can also organise part or fully funded biomass systems in certain cases as well as the purchasing of biomass pellets.

Want to know more?

Get in touch and one of our energy professionals will be happy to assist you.