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Answers to frequently asked questions

At First Choice Utilities we understand that dealing with your business energy renewal may seem like a daunting task, but we are here to simplify the process and ensure that you have the best possible plan in action when it comes to reviewing your options.

Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions to help ease your mind.

If your question is not listed, please get in touch and one of our energy professionals will be happy to help.


I already use a broker, can’t they get me the same deals you do?

Not necessarily, all brokers have different methods of purchasing and relationship levels with suppliers. At FCU we purchase energy in bulk and in advance so we can ensure we are always one step ahead of the competition.


What makes you any different from the 100s of calls I receive?

FCU were set up by a board with a combination of 20 years’ experience within the corporate account management and energy purchasing sector. Our board review every contract we send out to ensure it complies with our strict fair pricing standards. This means that we are usually able to beat any quote you will receive from any other broker and have incentives running to ensure we do.


I’m still in a contract for 3 years, why should I look now?

Energy is traded on the live market up to 6 years in advance and is forecast for the same length of time. This means that we already have a good idea as to what price you will pay for your energy at your renewal point and how much of a discount you will receive by selecting a supplier and tariff in advance.


I don’t really have time, shouldn’t I just wait for my renewal letter?

We can obtain your renewal rate for you and using the live forecast we receive, can calculate how much of a premium or discount you will receive depending on when you decide to renew.


What if the rates come down before my new contract starts?

Some of the suppliers we have partnerships with offer a contract clause in which your rate can decrease if this happens, dependent on the tariff you have selected.


Can’t I get the same deal you can?

We use the relationships we have built up over the past 10 years to ensure a fairer renewal rate amongst a selection of the best options, allowing you to make an intelligent decision based on actual market commentary, whilst also saving the time and hassle of contacting suppliers yourself. Exploring the wholesale market and using our bulk buying, future procurement and group purchasing strategies, we are able to achieve the lowest possible annual cost available from over 30 suppliers of commercial energy. A number of the suppliers we work with will only offer a price through an agency like us, with some also only offer pricing as part of a multi meter tender, of which we can ensure you are included as part of our basket buying deals.


I don’t really have time, won’t this take longer?

No, we do all of the background work and negotiations for you. Once we have all of the quotations we will contact you at a suitable time to run through your options.


Will my supplier or current broker find out I am looking elsewhere?

Not at all, all of our checks and pricing are confidential.


If I decide to change, will I have to notify my supplier?

No, we deal with the full process from start to finish including the termination of your current contract when it comes to its end.


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