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Rules and regulations are always being updated and changed which is why First Choice Utilities want to ensure that all businesses within the UK are not only compliant, but understand when and why changes are going to affect them.


Recently we have seen a few new legislation's passed by OFGEM affecting businesses energy customers throughout the UK.


First Choice Utilities can help with everything from KVA analysis and DCP161 to DEC (display energy certificates) and CCL (climate change levy) agreements.


If something within the energy market is going to affect your business, First Choice Utilities will notify you as a customer and help you with any applications necessary.


If you are a customer confused about the change to Half Hourly metering, are worried about a change within the industry or perhaps are uncertain whether or not you qualify for a reduction in certain taxes or levies, First Choice Utilities have the experience to help.

Want to know more?

Get in touch and one of our energy professionals will be happy to assist you.



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