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First Choice Utilities can organise the installation, management and insurance of numerous heating options.
Air Source Heating 

Using the principles of vapour compression refrigeration, Air Source Heat Pumps use a refrigerant system to absorb heat and release it in the desired location.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pumps use a network of water pipes buried beneath the earth to transfer heat to or from the ground.

Government Incentives 

The Non-Domestic RHI is based on the heat output of your system, the incentive provides financial support for renewable heat technologies for 20 years and based on quarterly payments.  For information on tariffs please click here to view the ofgem website. 

Benefits of Renewable Heating 
Renewable Heating options including Biomass offer efficient and clean heating and/or cooling sources with additional benefits such as:


  • Government Renewable Heat Incentives

  • Lower running cost that traditional electric or gas heating systems

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Long life span (typically 20-30 years)

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