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Live Data | Historical Data Collection | Controls & Sensors | Automated Sensors
Take control of your energy with our inclusive energy management software and reporting platform.
Our easy-to-use platform allows users to manage live data across multiple suppliers and sites at the tip of their fingers, and is fully customisable to interact with controls and sensors allowing you to remotely control individual circuits.


Live Data
  • View live data across multiple utilities, data points and sites across various suppliers all in one place.

  • Forecast energy spends in advance per year, month or day.

  • View live consumption per meter point or site in kWh or monetary value.

Historical Data Collection
  • Set targets for reduction based on historical data from previous years and/or suppliers

  • View how well energy reduction measures such as L.E.D lighting, Battery Storage, Solar Generation and VO are performing and the impact they have had on your energy consumption after installation.

  • Change supplier without losing access to reports

Controls & Sensors
  • Save energy by automatically turning off lights when not in use

  • Control temperature / thermostats remotely

  • Smart sensors fitted to doorways / windows

  • Control air-con remotely

  • Control performance and voltage of machinery

  • Improve lifespan and performance of machinery

Automated Alerts
  • Recognises abnormal spikes in energy usage for your profile

  • Set targets for reduction and be alerted on how you are performing against them

  • Triad warnings

  • Receive alerts on wholesale market forecasts approaching contract end dates

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