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> Average of 34% saving on electricity spends

> Export energy and receive cash payments

> Reduction in CCL (Climate Change Levy)

> 0 FIT Charge on Green Energy

> Reduced carbon footprint

> Reduced co2 emissions

> Long Term fixed fuel cost

> Reduced primary energy use

> Additional security of supply

With energy prices on the rise and predictions they are set to double over the next 10 years, investing in Solar PV is an excellent option for your business.

First Choice Utilities partner have helped a huge range of companies large and small across the UK, improve their position by installing a custom designed Solar PV system. By generating your own green energy not only does it benefit you financially, it’s a great choice for the environment.

Our high quality modern panels can generate energy from any angle even on cloudy days.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy harvests radiant light and heat from the sun, converting it to a renewable source of energy.   

The most common form of solar energy production is a solar panel system.


The energy produced by these systems can then be used as a clean alternative to energy being generated by fossil fuels and drawn from the grid.

How can Solar Energy benefit my business?

Energy produced by solar panels can be used to power the business as well as be exported back to the electricity network at an agreed price per kWh


There are a range of government incentives available to promote the production of low carbon energy projects meaning businesses can receive a reduction on certain taxes and / or levies by having these measures installed.

Modern Structure



Our experts are available to discuss your needs.

How can First Choice Utilities help my business with Solar Energy?

First Choice Utilities work closely with your business to recommend and explore the best options for renewable energy.

We can arrange the funding for your measures to be installed, maintained and insured to a high standard.

Fully funded solar option

This zero cost option for businesses, offers a free installation, zero operation costs and no maintenance fees.  This equates to around 34% saving on your electricity bill, businesses will purchase the green generated electricity and benefit form a significant reduction on mandatory Climate Change Levy charges. The installation and on-going operations and maintenance really does cost businesses nothing and offers real financial savings on billed compulsory charges, together with lower electricity bills year on year.​

Other finance packages are available.

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