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Country House


I received a final demand for £8,000 worth of gas as part of an estimated bill at premises which were vacant. I had no dealings with this supplier previously and did not know who they were.

First Choice Utilities collected evidence to show that a local brokerage I had also not dealt with, had forged my signature and entered me into a contract without my knowledge. They also attended court with me were they presented their evidence and my case to the judge. The full balance was cleared and I even got an apology. Could not recommend this company enough.

Five Star Hotel


I purchased a hotel not knowing the previous occupiers had ran up over £60,000 worth of energy debt, which caused my meter to be removed only a matter of weeks into my operation. I asked First Choice Utilities for help and they quickly arranged for documentation to be provided to the supplier who reinstated my supply with no charge, having previously asked for the full balance plus £13,000 security deposit.


It was crucial we had a mains gas supply as we had vulnerable guests staying in the hotel at the time, and a strategy with our local authority to provide emergency accommodation to the homeless.

Country House


First Choice Utilities helped us get a better rate for our energy than our previous price plan when renewing. They also helped us fill in forms for a reduction in VAT and CCL exemption. We need to save money every way we can and they made a great reduction for us.

Bakery Window


I was very happy with First Choice Utilities, they weren’t pushy and didn’t constantly phone or harass me like other energy companies for a decision, they just got on with it.  I agreed a fixed price plan for 5 years which saved me money against my 3 year renewal.

Modern Houses


When an empty property of mine was vandalised and used by squatters for illegal activities, an energy supplier incorrectly tried to enforce a £6,000 bill for electricity they had used. First Choice Utilities liaised with the authorities to provide the supplier with legal documentation declaring my none involvement and organised a new meter for a safe supply.



I took over a fast food restaurant and within 5 days my meter was removed due to the previous occupier’s debt. First Choice Utilities helped me action a complaint and had a new meter installed very quickly as part of a very good fixed price deal.

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