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We have extensive experience within the industry and pride ourselves on transparency and customer care.
We ensure that all of our customers are provided with the best advice, options and support helping them become cleaner , greener and more energy efficient.

All of our customers receive a dedicated account manager providing them with comprehensive 5 star customer care as standard.

We partner with a network of industry leading UK and European energy suppliers ensuring all out customers receive the best options available for energy purchasing 

We provide 100% Green Energy to all of our customers at no additional cost. We believe in protecting the environment.

We review all of our customers data periodically to identify faults and recommend the most suitable products .

With the governments' proposed plans on the ban of petrol and diesel vehicles, there has never been a better time to plan for electric vehicle charging

LEDs have become the most efficient source of lighting available, using up to 90% less energy than incandescent lighting

Voltage optimisation is a great way to reduce consumption without reducing production, meaning you become more energy efficient by producing less power wastage.

Battery Storage is a great way for businesses to save money by changing the way in which they draw energy from the grid.

Much like electricity and gas, England based organisations can likewise benefit from additional savings by changing their water supplier.

Our specialists can organise installation and management of high quality renewable heating products .

Biomass energy is the use of organic material used to generate energy from organic matter.

Account Management

Energy procurement

Management & controls

Voltage optimisation

Green energy

LED lighting

Water procurement

With energy prices on the rise and predictions they are set to double over the next 10 years, investing in Solar PV is an excellent option for your business.

 Data Collection        Data Analysis      Recommendations     Ongoing Support

What Our Clients Say

Ping Pong Club

Working Mens Club

"I was very happy with First Choice Utilities, they weren’t pushy and didn’t constantly phone or harass me like other energy companies for a decision, they just got on with it.  I agreed a fixed price plan for 5 years which saved me money against my 3 year renewal".

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